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Owning a pool at home is great. But it can cause problems if not properly managed; just ask the family in this story! They had to deal with algae, kids who would rather swim than study for tests and chores that needed tending when they were away from home all day.


Owning a swimming pool is something many people dream about as children - being able to splash around without worrying about getting wet outside or having access to safe water nearby . It's also an excellent way of keeping cool on hot summer days, but owning one comes with its own set of challenges: there are strict rules governing how your pool should be maintained so that you don't run into any accidents while entertaining friends and family members (especially young ones).


The thought of a child drowning in your swimming pool is an unimaginable tragedy that you should prepare for. In the United States, there are over 400 cases each year where children between 1 and 3 years old have drowned from residential pools which means taking precautions when using one to save yourself or those around you isn't just smart- it's necessary!


The horror stories about young children who drown in their own backyard can be avoided by following certain safety measures such as forbidding kids under 6 near the water without adult supervision and never letting them swim alone. Although this may seem like common sense, many people do not follow these rules even though they could mean saving someone else's life later on down the line so it's best to err on caution than regret



Premier Pool Fence delray is committed to making your pool a safe place for you and the entire family. We have been in business since 1999, providing top-notch service with high-quality products that meet all of Florida's safety barriers codes. From our super durable fences that are best for reliability and installation by expert professionals, we provide quality assurance through independent testing from experts who ensure product integrity pre-, during or post-installation.

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Statistical Evidence of Pool Drowning Incidents

Swimming pool with safety fence

Use of Pool Safety Products​

Pool safety is a big concern for many parents and homeowners. One way to reduce the risk of accidents at your pool, which includes avoiding unsupervised children or animals near the water's edge, installing proper fencing around it with self-closing gates that close automatically when someone leaves them open as well as taking steps like using a pool fence netting and other items designed specifically for swimming pools in Delray Beach Florida will help you rest assured knowing that all precautions have been taken to keep kids safe while they swim!


With the help of our pool safety fencing, your child is safe from drowning. The sturdy design and various colors make it easy to find a fence that matches any size or shape you need for your yard. There are many other features we offer including self-closing gates and nets for children near pools so they can play without worry!


Safety fence at swimmimg pool with child protection gate for drowning

Removable Pool Safety Fence



To avoid unnecessary death or injury, one is required to install an approved pool safety fence in residential areas. It can be permanent or temporary and the only requirement is that it's on site at all times. The owner has the choice between having either a removable type of barrier which they may choose when not using their swimming pool for recreational purposes; this means easy installation without any hassle during such occasions where we do not want to swim, but also if there are children present you must have something up so as long as youngsters aren't left unattended then you're free from worry about anything happening like an accidental drowning


Pool safety fences ensure that even if parents aren't watching, children won't be able to get close enough to touch the water. Parents can focus more on other matters at hand like cooking dinner or caring for older siblings without the worry of their little ones getting into the pool area nearby. Pool fencing should come with kid-proof locks so it's locked away tight when not in use by an adult.

Pool Fencing Options

Sicherheitsnetz über Swimmingpool

Pool Safety Nets

There is a need for safety nets in your pool if you have little ones at home that like to play around the water. It's not worth it to invest too much money into permanent fencing, when they'll only be there part-time and can't stay supervised all day long. Kid-safe swimming pools require protective nets with barbed wires which will keep children inside without risk of injury by falling out accidentally; these come in both stationary.

The fact is--no matter how safe kids may seem with supervision--they are prone to accidents so we always want them within our sight range!

A closed gate at the entrance to the pool

Pool Safety Self Closing Gates

Pool safety self-closing gates are an important part of pool fences. These doors open to the outside only, i.e., away from the pool area and not into it like other types of gate, for both entering and exiting a swimming facility. Kids will be unable to get past these fence entrances because they cannot pull or push them open on their own as adults can do with manual gates after shutting them behind themselves in absentmindedness - thus ensuring that kids stay safe at all times!

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

It is a sad reality that Florida leads the nation in drownings. This has been due to both adult's and children's inability to stay afloat, causing them to either get stuck underwater or go unconscious at the bottom of pools. To avoid these tragedies from happening again, legislation was enacted requiring homeowners with pools around their house install fences for safety purposes by 2000

Pool Safety - Young Girl Standing Outside Pool Fence Looking In To Pool Northland New Zealand


The swimming pool owners must ensure safety fencing or other barriers within the height 4 feet with no gaps or protrusion. This fence will protect those who don't want to go off of a cliff while they're swimming on that high diving board over there (don't worry; we'll make sure it's safe)! It also helps keep pets from running around wherever they please when their owner isn’t paying attention. So if you love your pet as much as I do then let them swim here too!


The pool owners must install a safety alarm that broadcasts your location with the least sound pressure at 85 dB, so you can easily access all doors and windows to get out if something goes wrong.


You should maintain the pool fence at a distance from the edge of your pool. This is to ensure that in case someone falls, they will have solid ground before falling into water.


To prevent drowning, it is important to take pool safety precautions. First and foremost, a fence with a self-closing gate that only opens inward must be installed around the perimeter of the pool. The latch on this door should face away from the swimming area so no one can slip out by accident!

Preventive Measures for Pool Safety

  • Drowning is a risk for all people - especially children. One way to avoid drowning accidents, and injuries in the water, is by maintaining caution around toddlers or even children aged about 1-5 years old; although it's dangerous across ages 15+. To maintain safety: use less than 2 inches of water depth (which will be enough), make sure there are no objects near that could cause harm if they float away such as toys or buoys which can entangle someone's feet/legs) pool owners have additional responsibilities when renting out swimming pools at residential settings.


  •  Parents should not be distracted by their mobile phones and laptops while supervising children in pools. The risk of a water mishap is too great to take such risks with little ones' safety!


  • Parents who are responsible for the supervision of kids swimming inside pool must do away with distractions like cellphones, computers, etc., or they could face serious consequences.


  • Never allow a lethargic, exhausted child to get in and around the pool. Make sure you lock the self-closing gates of your swimming pool when it is not being used so that they don't have easy access to it if there's no adult family member present.


  • It is no surprise that toddlers and children between the ages of 1-5 years old must always be made certain to wear a life vest around water. Toddlers are still learning how to take care of themselves, so it's important for them not get too close during bath time or at pools without supervision.


  • A toddler can drown in as little as 90 seconds if left unsupervised with any type of filled bucket or tub full of water.




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